How To: What is an Account Provider?


An Account Provider allows your user to sign-in using a specific method (Facebook, Microsoft Account...).
You need to define an Account Provider for each method you want to allow your users to sign-in with.

Types of Account Providers

If you have an Account Provider type that is not available, or want us to create an out-of-the box experience for your Account Provider type, drops us a line at

Currentlty there are two big categories of Account Providers:

OAuth based: Most social providers like Facebook, Microsoft Account...

WS-Federation based : ADFS, eID, Custom, IBM Tivoli (coming soon)...

Most of the social providers require you to register an App on their developer portal. Specific details about the necessary parameters are provided when you activate the Account Provider. To configure WS-Federation providers most of the times you need an Administrator. For more information you should read the documentation of your provider.

First step Protocol
Navigate to the Microsoft Account Developer Center and sign in using your Microsoft Account. OAuth 2
Navigate to the Azure Management Portal and sign in using your Microsoft Account or Office 365 Organisatie Account. OAuth 2
Navigate to the Facebook Developer Site and log in by entering your facebook credentials. Register as a Developer and follow the directions to register if you aren’t already.

OAuth 2
Navigate to the Google Developers Console and sign in using your Google+ account. OAuth 2
Head on over to the LinkedIn Developer Network and ensure that you are registered as a developer. OAuth 2
Head on over to the Twitter Developers Site. OAuth 1
Head on over to the Instagram Developers Site. OAuth 2
Head on over to the PayPal Developer Dashboard. OAuth 2
Belgium eID
WS-Federation Account Providers
Username/Password provider Add the HUB Account Provider. Navigate to Activate Account Provider Page

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