AngularJS API


Provides methods to configure the identityService.


Name Description
config(options: Object) Configures the identityService


Provides methods to securely sign in and give access to an identity's profile.


Name Value Description Remarks
principal Object Represents the authenticated user.


Name Description
signIn() Starts the sign in process.
signOut() Sign out.
getProfile() Retrieves the profile of the current user.
getRoles() Retrieves the roles of the current user.
getFriends() Retrieves the list of friends of the current user.
getAccounts() Retrieves the list of the user's linked accounts. One identity can have multiple linked accounts
addAccount(accountProvider) Allow the user to add another account to his identity. This allows the user to logon with different accounts (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn...) and your app to lookup all friends and connections of the use that also use your app.
requireTwoFactorAuthentication() Checks wether or not the user was authenticated using two-factor authentication. If the user did not authenticate using two-factor authentication, this method call will start the two-factor authentication process.