Identity API - Getting Identity Roles Information

This method provides information about the identity roles. An indentity can have one or more roles.

GET /{tenant}/api/identity/v1/{id}/roles

The request

Request parameters

Name Values Description Required
id The identityId of the identity Instructs The Identity Hub to return the roles of the identity matching the provided identityId. The caller must be authorized to access the identity. No (defaults to authenticated identity)

Example request

GET /{tenant}/api/identity/v1/4578979878/roles 
Authorization: Bearer 57600
GET /{tenant}/api/identity/v1/4578979878/roles?access_token=57600

The response

If the method call is successfull, "The Identity Hub" returns the information about the roles of the identity in JSON format.

Response parameters

Name Values Description
name A string The role name.

Example response

    "name": "roleone",
    "name": "roletwo",

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